I'm My Family Doctor

Aim to Realize New Era when "I'm My Doctor"

New Era is coming when I (my family) need to check and manage my (our) health  state scientifically and proactively for myself (ourself)

<Maintaining Health is National Duty>

There is no doubt that living longer with good health is the base of happiness for everyone. This is also key of  health and happiness of the society. Nowadays,  maintaining good health "of myself, by myself and for  myself " is strongly required as social needs more than ever. Under various changes of environment over time,  we need to live longer with good health, say to live "Pin Pin Kira-Kira (PPK) (to live cheerfully and gloriously)".  Now, what can we do for the country as  a citizen? Of course, to vote, to pay tax or to fight to save the country  are national duty as a citizen. In addition, however,  it is quite important "to live longer with good health  until the end by proactively  checking and maintaining health proactively". This is our national dutyto realize it by making any efforts.

BITAS Corpotaion helps you realize that "I'm my family doctor" and delivers products and solutions in order to  assist you to maintain and manage your health.

                                                                                                    BITAS ,Chairman

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