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BIT Technology

What is BIT (BioInformationTracer)?

BIT is the Small and Light Weight Wearable Bio Sensor. The sensors installed inside  measure various bio information.

There are two types of BIT solutions, R-BIT (Wiress, Real-time Analysis) and M-BIT(Memory Stored, Off-line Analysis).

Size & Weight
Very Small: 40 x 39 x 8mm, Very Light: 14g

Key Features
1. Very Small, Wearable (Easy to install/use)
2. Excellent Signal/Noise Ratio, High Fidelity of the waveform
3. Ultra-small power consumption, Long-term continuous use
4. Waterproof (shower, short bathing etc. is also OK)
5. The Firmware can be overwritten as customization capabilities
6. Enhancement of privacy protection mechanism
7. Extremely various & wide application area
8. etc.

A. R-BIT Solution (Real-time Analysis)

R-BIT measures Bio information and transmits data to PC via wireless data  communication, BITAS (Analysis Software) analyzes data, then shows raw Bio data  measureed andoutput data analyzed.

B. M-BITSolution
  (Off-line Analysis, Long time continuous Measuring)

M-BIT measures Bio information and stores  data in the memory chip inside M-BIT and  can continue to measure for longer time (ex. 24Hrs). After ended measuring data and  connected M-BIT to PC by a USB cable, BITAS(Analysis Software) extracts the stored  data from the memory chip inside M-BIT and analyzes data, then shows raw Bio data  measured and output data analyzed.